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Mobile Office Unit

Put Your Desk on the Road with a Mobile Office Unit from Cruise America

Does your company conduct business on the road? Do you have clients at remote work sites? Are you outgrowing your office space? There’s an answer: a mobile office unit from Cruise America.

While Cruise America has satisfied the RV rental needs of leisure travelers since 1972, we’ve become increasingly popular with business customers who need a portable work shelter. When your company needs a mobile office unit fast, an RV office from Cruise America is the perfect solution.

At Cruise America, we understand the special RV rental needs of businesses. Reasons for mobile office units run the gamut – a portable work shelter at construction sites or corporate events, accommodations for trade shows and travel assistance for sales reps with rural clients, to name a few. To meet those special requirements, we offer a commercial rentals desk, so it’s easy for businesses to get the service they need.

Our Mobile Office Units are Versatile and Cost-Effective

With RV office rentals, Cruise America has been helping hundreds of organizations save time and money. They’ve discovered how rental RVs can be transformed into portable offices – offices on wheels. An RV office allows you to change plans on the fly and go where you need to go when you need to get there. What’s more, you can wake up every morning with your work right there, as well as any inventory you need conveniently stored.

A mobile office unit also makes sense when you consider the logistical challenges presented by flights, hotels and rental cars. Portable offices offer a welcome alternative to carry-on limitations, surprise flight cancellations and the risk of losing luggage. Plus, a portable office lets you avoid hotel check-in lines – and having to pack and unpack. You can devote more time to interacting with clients and communicating with headquarters.

Renting a mobile office unit can reduce travel costs, too, considering how airfares, restaurants, and room rates add up. This is especially the case if you’re renting during high-demand season, or if your portable office will be shared by several employees.

Renting with Cruise America Is Easy

As the largest RV rental company in North America, you can pick up your mobile office unit in more areas than any other RV rental provider – in fact, we have 116 locations throughout the continental U.S., Canada and Alaska. Let Cruise America help you with all your commercial rental needs – call 1-800-671-8042 or book your RV office rental now.