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Happy Birthday, Cruise America!

Here at Cruise America, we're getting ready to celebrate our forty-fifth year as the nation's leader in RV rentals and sales! For four-and-a-half decades we've been providing rental motorhomes and used RV sales to those of you who enjoy the comfort and convenience of traveling in a recreational vehicle—whether you own one, or not.

The unwavering business standards that have become synonymous with Cruise America, originated from strong family roots, and have grown exponentially into the well-respected business that we are today (sorry for tooting our own horn).

Our company was the brainchild of our founder, Robert Smalley, Sr. He was no stranger to the automotive rental business, having previously served as CEO of Hertz for many years. He started his own rental company in 1970, and employed his two sons, Bob Jr. and Randall. We called ourselves American Land Cruiser (ALC), and we were grown from humble roots. We started out with only 12 motorhomes to rent, yet, despite the fuel crisis of 1974 and the recession that plagued the early 80s, we continued to grow, adding regularly to our fleet of quality motorhomes. We eventually changed our name to Cruise America, and we've become one of the largest rental RV companies in the Nation (and Canada)!

Our President, Bob Smalley Jr. said, "More and more people are discovering that vacationing in a motorhome provides travelers with an economical way to travel in comfort and convenience without giving up any luxury."

We now have over 130 rental locations, 17 sales centers and a fleet in excess of 4,000 RVs for rent—that's a lot of motorhome traveling! Our customer base includes travelers from all around the world.

As more new fleet units are purchased, we sell the older models to make room for the incoming inventory. These "older" models are still next-to-new, and they are incredibly well-maintained. Each time a rental unit is returned to the location, the crew in the shop goes through it with a fine toothcomb; evaluating, repairing and confidently sending it back out on the open road.

On our website, you'll find our inventory of fully equipped, self-contained class C RVs, as well as an extensive list of our locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Having this information online enables you to make your selection according to your needs. And if you'd rather give us a call, or visit one of our locations, we'd be happy to walk you through the rental process, and help you choose the unit size that's right for you.