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Get Peace Of Mind Protection.

What’s Covered ($100 deductible):

Hot Water Heater

Inner tank, pressure valve, burner assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, gas valve, electronic ignition assembly, P.C. board, heating elements, wiring harness and switches, fittings, connections, control panel.

Waste System

Fittings and piping in relation to shower, sink(s) and toilet (except electrical). Toilet (except electrical toilets), holding tanks, vacuum breaker, gate valves, inlet valve, ball valve, fittings, connections, probe harness and traps (excluding probes) are covered.

Fresh Water System

Water pump, compressor, water tank, water lines, fittings (CPVC excluded), basic faucets and probe harness (excluding probes).

Air Conditioning

(Roof-mounted 110V or central) Compressor, evaporator, capacitors, relays, thermostat, condenser, heat pump, fans, PC boards, heating elements, heat strips, control panel, accumulator, expansion valve, receiver dryer, blower motor, bathroom vent motor, high/low cut off switch, switches, electronic module, reversing valve, pressure cycling switch, ducts and ductwork

Range AND Oven

Burner assembly, igniter, ignition assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, burner valves, microwave oven, convection oven, power hood, PC board, fittings, connections and oven control valve.


Regulators, gas bottles (except valves), mounting brackets, gauges, pigtails, LP lines, fittings, connections, automatic shut offsystem and shut offswitches. LP detectors are covered; however, LP detectors are added components. Coverage applies to LP detectors that are Factory Installed or Factory Approved Dealer Factory Installed. LP detectors purchased by YOU and installed by non-Factory Installed or non-Factory Approved Dealer Factory Installed will NOT be covered.

Heating SYSTEM

Furnace igniter, burner assembly, gas valve, thermostat, blower motor and assembly, heat pump, heat strips, fan motor, fans, fittings, connections, ducts, ductwork, PC board, thermocouple, relays and switches.


Thermostat, 2-way or 3-way cooling unit, burner assembly, igniter, control panel, PC board, thermocouples, eyebrow board and lower board, relays, switches, fittings, connections, electric heating elements and wiring harness.

Auxiliary Powerplant/Power Steps

(Factory Installed or Factory Approved Dealer Installed) All internally lubricated parts of the power plant engine, starter, switches, voltage regulator, generator assembly, cylinder block and head if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part, power converter, hour meter, inverter, interior monitor/control panel, and PC board. The carburetor and portable generator units are excluded.


Inverters, power cable, monitor panel, modular circuit boards, electric heater, wiring, basic switches and outlets.


Cooling fan and motor, electric relays, and circuit board.


Thermostat, switches, relays and motors.


Food Spoilage Reimbursement

Up to $150 for food spoilage due to refrigerator failures.


Your CornerStone coverage is good wherever you drive throughout the United States and Canada.


Should you need help with a claim or have questions, you can call toll-free for assistance at 866-912-2768.

Transferable Coverage

If you sell your unit, you can transfer your coverage to the next owner, increasing the resale value of your unit.


* See your coverage booklet for exact terms, coverages and exclusions.
** Prices in Florida are set by the insurance commissioner and in some cases may be higher.