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Motorhomes, The Way to Travel and Never Leave Home

Cruise America motorhomes have all the comforts of home on the road! There are a host of advantages to renting a motorhome from Cruise America for your next vacation, including:

• Everything in one unit - If you fly to your vacation destination, there are three concerns that are always present. You need to rent a car, you need to get a hotel and you need to eat. The itinerary has to be well planned and orchestrated so that these three elements come together in harmony, which rarely happens! With a motorhome rented from Cruise America, all of these issues are taken care of before you even pull out of your driveway. With your motorhome along, you have your transportation already. You also have safe, comfortable room available 24/7, and you will never encounter a "no vacancy" sign. Lastly, you needn't find a restaurant in a strange place, as your kitchen is with you all the time.

• The kids stay entertained - While traveling in a car or in an airplane, it is often difficult to keep the kids (as well as yourself) entertained until you arrive to your destination, where they can be liberated from the confines of the car! By renting a Cruise America motor home, the angst is eliminated. Whether they watch movies, play cards, or just stretch out for a long nap, there is no more "are we there yet?" every five minutes.

• Easy transformation from vehicle to home - Once you arrive at a campground or RV lot with your motorhome from Cruise America, it only takes a few minutes to hook up your water and electricity. It actually takes less time to do that, than checking into a hotel.

• No commitment - You needn't commit a great deal of money trying to purchase a motor home. You simply rent one from Cruise America and see how you like it. Once you discover the joy of traveling with a shell on your back, you may decide to make that motor home purchase with the money you save by not getting that hotel every trip.

• No restaurants necessary - Each unit from Cruise America comes complete with a kitchen, making the need for eating out all the time obsolete. This is another form of savings that will eventually make possible the eminent purchase of a motorhome. You can also be assured that the kids will like what they are eating, rather than depending on the menu of the restaurant you happen to find open.

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• Home ownership not necessary - When you own a Cruise America motorhome, it is not completely necessary to have a permanent residence. If you are the adventurous type, you may wish to join the elite group of people who have said good-bye to a mortgage payment, and hit the road exploring in their rolling sanctuary.

• There is a Toilet! - Last but not least, there is no more stopping at rest stops and gas stations every half hour so that one or more members of the group can relieve themselves. The search for clean restrooms is over!

The next time you travel, remember to speak to Cruise America first, so that they can remind you of the advantages of taking your rental car, your hotel room, your restaurants, your living room and your bathroom with you.