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Located in the northwest corner of Alabama, an RV rental in Florence is a fun way to experience what a city full of history is all about. The town of Florence is widely known for its history, but let’s not forget what the modern day culture of this city is all about.

Named after Florence, in Tuscany, Italy, this town is known as “Alabama’s Renaissance City.” Every year, Florence hosts the Alabama Renaissance Faire. This event brings in tons of people and is quite the show. Dress up and enjoy a trip back to the medieval times. A day at the Renaissance Fair is not something you want to miss! Not too mention, you’ll have your own dressing room to freshen up in, when you arrive in your Cruise America RV.

In addition to the Renaissance Fair is an endless amount of history, between the museums and monuments that make up this town. There is no shortage of lessons to be learned from the history that makes up Florence. Probably the most notable historic event, that still plays a role in their economy today, was the docking and shipping business. Originally known as North Port, Florence’s Port played a large role in the growth of the city, helping to create a commercial center due to the shipping of imported goods. Today, the port still plays a hefty role in connecting northwest Alabama and southern Tennessee to other major ports.

When it comes to modern day, Florence, Alabama attracts a wide range of tourists, in addition to the local residents. Florence tends to be a quiet town, but there are certainly events that take place which bring life to the city. Although, if you’re looking for a younger, more hip town, you may want to check out Tuscaloosa, Auburn, or Birmingham. All three of these tend to draw in younger crowds, which in turn makes for a different type of entertainment.

Regardless of your travel preference, the best way to visit Alabama is in an RV. Pack up and hit the road at any given moment. The experiences you’ll have will outlast many others. Contact us today to book your RV rental in Alabama!