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Hiking, the farmers market, beaches, and an iconic saloon are some of the fun things to add to your agenda when considering an RV rental in Homer. Although a small city located on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, there are a surprising number of shops, art galleries, seafood restaurants and beaches accessible.

If you’re ready to visit, an RV rental in Alaska, but want to make sure there are plenty of outdoor activities like fishing in the area you’re visiting, Homer is a fantastic spot to be. There are plenty of hiking opportunities to ponder around. The famous Homer Spit Trail is a little longer than 4 miles long and runs along the boardwalk with some amazing views of the beaches. The weather can be a bit unpredictable at times, which makes for more of a thrill when hitting the trails.

On the other hand, maybe you’d like to check out what the Alaskan seafood world is all about. Well, there are a handful of restaurants with no shortage of delicious seafood readily available to be eaten. Once again, head on over to the “Spit” and you’ll find an energetic vibe surrounded by restaurants and beautiful views.

Mark Homer down on your map and get behind the wheel of a Cruise America motorhome today. This is a town that is great for the family and easily accessible from the neighboring cities, like the RV rental in Kenai Peninsula, AK. Come explore with us on this Alaskan highway RV road trip!