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Located in Butte County, north of Sacramento, Chico, California is a smaller town as compared to some of the other major neighboring cities. That said, an RV rental in Chico is a nice way to introduce the family to the wonders of California.

With some of the best weather in the country, Chico is an attractive city to many visitors who want to explore the outdoors. By jumping into a Cruise America motorhome, you’ll be able to drive around and explore the city with very little limitations. In fact, you may even want to park the camper van and pull out your bicycle. Chico is known for its biking community as well. A fair amount of residents and visitors often bike around the city to Butte Creek Canyon for some of the most amazing nature-filled views.

If you’re a baseball fan, Chico has three different teams that have won championships. Therefore, you can expect to show up for any of the three teams and catch a good game. In addition, you can drive the RV over to the Silver Dollar Speedway and enjoy the wild crowds that come together for monster truck shows, BMX racing, and much more. This is an activity that visitors of all ages have come to know and love.

Once you feel like you’ve tackled a lot in Chico, you can get back behind the wheel of the motorhome and start driving towards the California State Capitol, Sacramento. If that’s not on your list, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and many other cities are easily within reach. In fact, don’t settle! Look into getting an RV rental in Concord, CA. Check out all of the cities you want to while renting an RV from Cruise America. We’ll do the heavy lifting from the start and you can jump in and go whenever you’re ready. Contact us today to book an RV rental or learn more.