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San Bernardino

Warm weather, baseball, good food. These are just a few of the favorite things to know about an RV rental in San Bernardino. The city of San Bernardino is also located near Pasadena as well as Los Angeles. With these two cities nearby, you’re bound to have a good time while visiting San Bernardino.

First up, the weather. Located in central California, San Bernardino is known for its warmer weather. Bear in mind, this warmer weather is similar to the desert; lots of heat and very little humidity. That being said, it’s not entirely overwhelming. Not too far away, be sure to get an RV rental in Anaheim, CA. The beaches are within driving distance, which makes for all the more reason to pick up a Cruise America motorhome.

On the plus side, the warmer weather means good baseball. The Inland Empire 66ers games are packed with loyal fans. Join the fans in the madness and soak up a little sun while you are out there. Now, let’s not forget the great food around town. Baseball games are often associated with hot dogs, hamburgers, and all of the munchies that fans love. Outside of the stadium is a plethora of restaurants where you can explore all of the great food of San Bernardino. You will find yourself quickly becoming a foodie in this city.

Get behind the wheel of an RV in San Bernardino and you won’t be disappointed. There is so much to see in California and we’re here to make sure you see everything on your list.