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Ready to see what 300 days of sunshine a year looks like? If so, an RV rental in Durango is the place for you. Stay in Durango for a bit, or just come for the day and continue exploring while in an RV rental in Colorado. Regardless of the choice you make, Cruise America is here to help.

Time of year is of the essence when traveling in Durango. If you’re in the mood for sunshine, there will be plenty of it in the spring and summer. On the other hand, snow is no stranger. The winter months often bring heavy snowfall and colder temperatures. The sun may still be shining, but the heat will not be present. Overall, Colorado is a beautiful region whose scenery changes with every season. 

Now, if you’re a fan of whitewater rafting, this is a big hit in the city of Durango. There are a few different tours that take place throughout the warmer months, and each is filled with trained professionals who have handled the rough waters for quite some time. If the family is up for an adventure, this is one you will certainly get a thrill from. Yet, if you’re a snow bird and would rather hit the slopes, this is still an option if you visit at the right time.

Although Durango is a beautiful city filled with a ton of adventures, the state of Colorado has a lot to offer like Denver, otherwise known as the Mile High City. With a Cruise America motorhome, you’re never landlocked, so you can pick up and go as you please, even when you get an RV rental in Arvada, CO. Explore the state, or better yet, check out some of the neighboring states! The adventure ahead is one we are happy to help you prepare for. Contact us today to get the wheels rolling!