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Fort Collins

Ready to visit one of the top 10 best places to live? If so, an RV rental in Fort Collins should be next up on your travel list. Making this prestigious list means there is lots to offer in this city, but don’t get overwhelmed, it’s plenty quiet as well.

First up, Old Town. Downtown Fort Collins is known as one of the best places to hang out in all of Northern Colorado. Home to several annual events, there is ever a dull moment. Plus, all of these events are free! How much better does it get? Well, when you’re not attending one of these events, you’ll find some of the best local restaurants and bars in Fort Collins.

When you’ve parked your Cruise America motorhome for the night, you can venture out into the world of craft beer. But be careful, most people get a taste and don’t want to return back to their “typical” beers. Fort Collins contains some of the larger beer plants, but they are certainly known more so for their microbreweries. After dabbling with the plethora of tasty beverages, you may work up an appetite, and Fort Collins is no stranger to great food. Restaurants like Illegal Pete’s and Torchy’s Tacos are some of the fan favorites in the city. These are just two of the locally owned restaurants that call Fort Collins home, so feel free to explore as many as you’d like!

Now, let’s not forget the outdoor recreational activities. Hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, rock climbing and skiing are some of the most popular things to do. Feel free to adventure in whatever fashion you’d like. Fort Collins is ready to handle whatever you throw its way, just make sure you’re buckled up for the ride!