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Have you ever been to Disney World? Or maybe you want to start your Florida vacation right in the middle of the state? If so, an RV rental in Orlando is your golden ticket. With a couple of Cruise America vendors located in Orlando, Florida, your destined to have a great time! We have a large fleet at each vendor and they’re ready to go at all times. Now, let’s get a game plan together and determine what adventures you’ll want to cross off of your list while visiting the Sunshine State.

First and foremost, Disney World is a must. With adventures for everyone, you won’t want to skip out on the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Get a one park pass or splurge and pick up a pass that allows you to see all of the parks! Either way, Mickey Mouse will be awaiting your arrival. At the end of the day you can climb back into your RV rental and pick your next destination.

Now, let’s not forget, Universal Studios is also located in Orlando. In addition to Universal, there are several water parks and even some themed campgrounds. Therefore, there will be plenty to see and do, and you’ll even have a place to park your RV at night. Orlando really does offer the all-in-one package deal!

Maybe you feel as if you’ve seen everything there is to see in Orlando? No worries. Florida is a beautiful state with lots of other cities to see. Head down to Miami, up to Jacksonville, or over to Tampa. The options are endless and the drives are scenic. It’s hard to beat a state that is virtually surrounded by water. You’re bound to run into a beach eventually, especially heading east or west out of Orlando.

All in all, Florida is a wonderful state to visit, and Orlando is a wonderful starting point. College sports, professional sports, beaches, history and much, much more. Contact us today to get the wheels rolling and book your RV rental in Orlando.