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Take the comfort of home with you next time you travel, by getting an RV rental in Augusta, GA. The stress-free convenience of vacationing with your room on your back affords families and friends the opportunity to travel in comfort and style. 

A city in Georgia near the South Carolina border, Augusta is known for its Southern charm, elegant antebellum mansions and numerus gardens. Visiting Augusta means taking a relaxing stroll through elegant tree-lined avenues, visiting great museums and galleries and enjoying famous Southern dishes. 

Are you into golf? You’ve come to the right place. A quarter of a million people visit Augusta every year, and many of them come to visit the Masters Tournament, which is held every year in April. This famous golf tournament is held at the Augusta National Golf Club, but if you venture around the city, you will find much more than just this iconic sporting match. 

Since Augusta is right on the Savannah River, there are plenty of water activities like kayaking and canoeing. The lake is also perfect for boating or sailing. Slow things down and stroll along the Augusta Riverwalk or through the North Augusta Greeneway. 

When it comes to the arts, you can find live music nights all over the city, including in well-known venues like the Partridge Inn Hotel. There are monuments to one of the city’s most famous musical talents, James Brown, as well as art galleries, theaters, and concert halls. 

In less than a two hour drive, jump back in your Cruise America motorhome and get an RV rental in Statesboro, GA. After that, continue your exploration to Brunswick, GA or to Valdosta, GA. No matter where you go, adventure awaits at every destination in your RV. Contact us today to get started!