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New Orleans

Round-the-clock nightlife, an incredible live music scene, and the historical background. An RV rental in New Orleans will make for a trip unlike any other you’ve ever taken. New Orleans is a special place that holds near and dear to many people’s hearts, while also serving as the ultimate party spot for many others. Booking a motorhome to explore this city should certainly be on your bucket list.

If you’ve heard of Mardi Gras, you’ve more than likely heard of New Orleans, or NOLA, as some call it. This city is known for the massive party that it puts on to celebrate the French holiday. If you’re a fan of live music, lots of dancing, and staying out all night to celebrate, this is the place to be. Residents of New Orleans absolutely LOVE Mardi Gras, and you’ll be shocked when you see the amount of people that come to help celebrate in the “French Quarter.” Just bring your dancing shoes, lots of beads, and a good mood, from there, the city will provide the rest!

Although Mardi Gras is the biggest event that takes place in New Orleans, there are a ton of other activities that take place in this historical city. For the sports lovers out there, you may want to schedule a time to see a football or basketball game. Both the Saints and Pelicans play in the city, and boy-oh-boy do the residents have a soft spot for their professional sports teams. If you are ready to see some of the wildest fans in the NFL, buy your tickets to a Saints game. The fans call themselves “WHO DAT” nation, and when they yell that phrase, you better make sure you’re in complete agreement with them! Not to mention, their arena, the Mercedes Benz Superdome is a site for sore eyes. An RV rental in Baton Rouge is certainly another adventure awaiting you.

Now, aside from all of the partying and sports, New Orleans is full of history. The city was founded in 1718 by the French, and this would forever be known as a French town. Later, in 1812, came the Battle of New orleans. During this war, Andrew Jackson skyrocketed himself to fame by turning away 7,500 British soldiers. Events like these are what made New Orleans a town full of history, which plenty of museums and attractions around the city do a great job of highlighting.

 If you’re ready for an adventure, start planning your trip to New Orleans. Better yet, book an RV rental in New Orleans and you are almost guaranteed to have the trip of a lifetime. Don’t wait! Mardi Gras just might sneak up on you.