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Much like New Orleans, Shreveport is a big time party spot, when it comes to Mardi Gras. Therefore, an RV rental in Shreveport, Louisiana might be worth adding to your list. You’re still close to New Orleans, as well as Dallas, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas. Pack up that suitcase and get ready to hit the road! Shreveport is ready to welcome you with open arms.

As noted before, Shreveport is another city that celebrates Mardi Gras at a high level. In fact, most people would argue that Shreveport actually parties harder for Mardi Gras than New Orleans. Now, this may upset some people who live in NOLA, but no offense should be taken. Shreveport makes it very clear that they are celebrating for all of the same reasons and by no means is it a competition, but hey, who’s to say you can’t enjoy both?

Shreveport is also known for its love of roses. This may sound odd, but as you walk around the city you will come across thousands of beautifully manicured rose beds. Little known fact, the city is home to the American Rose Society.

When it comes to visiting Shreveport, you’ll want to be sure you plan accordingly. During the winter, snow is no stranger to the city. There will be plenty of it on the roads, on your vehicle, and everywhere else you can think of. Therefore, if you’re wanting to enjoy a slightly warmer environment, you may want to plan on heading to Shreveport outside of the winter season.

If you feel as if you have done all there is to do in Shreveport and would like the chance to see New Orleans, you can most certainly do so. New Orleans is less than 5 hours away from Shreveport, which makes for a fun little road trip in your RV rental! Plus, you can also make day trips to Dallas, Texas or even Little Rock, Arkansas within a single day. It’s hard to beat taking trips like these when you’re in the comfort of a Cruise America motorhome.

Contact us today with any questions, or go ahead and book your RV rental in Shreveport. We’ll be here to help every step of the way. If you'd rather start in the main city, an RV rental in Baton Rouge is a great place to land.