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Do you know which city is the capital of Michigan? The best way to find out is by RV rental in Lansing, which coincidentally happens to be the capital. After a trip to Lansing, Michigan you’ll be ready to tackle any trivia night about the great state of Michigan. From rich history to fun outdoor activities to great local food and drinks, Lansing is a location worth exploring.

As mentioned above, the city of Lansing is indeed the capital of Michigan. The Capitol Building features a cast-iron dome that adds to the incredible aesthetic of the landmark that was built in the 1870’s. In addition to the Capitol Building is a collection of modern-day and classic Oldsmobile cars. And to round it all up, the Impression 5 Science Center has a variety of interactive displays. While these are three of the most popular sites to see, Lansing has a plethora of other attractions that are worth visiting.

Next up on the list, food and drinks. Some of the local favorites include the House of Eden Rock and Midtown Brewing Company. It’s hard to beat the local eateries, especially after a long day at the museums!

One of the neat adventures to take while in Lansing is to check out Sleepy Hollow State Park. Enjoy a day at the park and spend some time hiking, boating, swimming, and biking. The clean air and refreshing breeze makes for a relaxing day outside of the city.

While visiting Lansing, you may also want to consider seeing some of the neighboring cities of Michigan. Detroit, Muskegon, Saginaw, and many more have a lot to offer. Don’t be afraid to pack up and hit the ground running! Cruise America is here to be sure your time on the road is well spent. Contact us today to book your RV rental.