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Part of Central Michigan, an RV rental in Saginaw is one of the fun ways to visit the Tri-City area. If you’ve never been to Michigan, Saginaw is a great place to start. There are several cities that tend to be extremely busy, but Saginaw is not one of them. As one of the quieter cities, it’s certainly worth enjoying an RV rental here versus the crazier, more populated cities.

Throughout much of the 20th century, Saginaw was home to a large economy boost, thanks to their production in the automotive industry. Although Detroit is known as the “Motor City,” Saginaw was mostly responsible for manual transmission assembly, steering gear boxes and power steering pumps. Now, there are a few different museums that highlight the Saginaw’s production. If you’re a “gear head,” or just a fan of history, these museums tend to be a fan favorite.

Aside from the car industry fun facts, downtown Saginaw sits right along the river and offers some of the coolest views in the city. In addition, there are a few different events that take place in Saginaw that the community loves. These include the opening of a new splash park, musical events, and even some parades around the holidays. As you get ready to travel to Michigan, you’ll want to be sure you’re setting aside some time for Sagniaw, as it is well worth the time spent.

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