RV Rentals near Brainerd, Minnesota

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Much like most of Minnesota’s cities, an RV rental in Brainerd is a great way to spend time outdoors and soak in all that the beautiful state has to offer. With so many outdoor recreational activities, you’ll never run out of things to do while RVing through this incredible city, located in northern Minnesota.

Zoos, farms, parks, trails and lakes. These are just five of the top attractions that the community of Brainerd, Minnesota enjoys. The Pine Grove zoo, Safari North Park and Paul Bunyan’s Animal Land are three incredible zoos that are all home to a plethora of different animals. Go see one or go see all three. The choice is yours!

When it comes to the parks and trails of Brainerd, the parks are camping friendly, so it’s easy to park your motorhome and enjoy a night under the skies of Minnesota. When you’re ready to hit the trails, there are options for running/walking and biking. Once again, you can choose whatever trail best suits you, but you’re guaranteed to end up on a trail with amazing scenery, and maybe even some wildlife!

Maybe you’ve come to a point where you’d like to see what the other cities of Minnesota have to offer? Well, it’s easy to do when you’re in a Cruise America RV rental! Pack up and go whenever and wherever you’d like. Cities like Duluth, Bemidji, and Minneapolis are a few of the ones you’ll want to check off of your list while visiting Minnesota. Contact us today to book your RV rental and get the wheels rolling!