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Are you a fan of Bass Pro Shops? Well then, an RV rental in Springfield is the place for you. Springfield, Missouri is the home of the original Bass Pro Shops, a piece of Route 66, and the Springfield Cardinals. Buckle up, because Springfield is a city full of fun!

For starters, fishing is a big part of Springfield. Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops, started his company in Springfield, Missouri. With several ponds and lakes residing in this city, the bass are ready to eat, and Bass Pro Shops is ready to provide all of the necessary equipment for you to catch them. Better yet, with an RV rental you’ll have plenty of room to bring along any and all tackle gear you buy for fishing, unlike if you were to fly or drive a smaller car.

Much like Joplin, MO, Springfield plays a role in the creation of Route 66. First proposed in 1926, this historic highway runs from Chicago to Los Angeles, meaning you’ll go right through Springfield. This is often labeled a fan-favorite for road trips, as Route 66 has so much to offer along the way.

Let’s not forget about baseball. The Springfield Cardinals are a minor league affiliate of the St Louis Cardinals. They have been playing at Hammons Field since 2005, and continue to make a name for themselves in Springfield. For those sports lovers out there, catching a ball game at Hammons Field is something to add to your list.

These items are just a small piece of the pie for all that Springfield has to offer. Contact Cruise America today to book your RV rental and get those wheels rolling!