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Do you know what the capital of Nebraska is? An RV rental in Lincoln will answer that question.  The town of Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska, the home of the University of Nebraska, and extremely good food. If you’re ready to explore Nebraska, there’s no better way than with an RV rental in Lincoln.

For starters, the Nebraska State Capitol was built in 1932 and contains a domed tower with observation decks. This is certainly one piece of property that you are going to want to see while visiting Lincoln. Plus, during your trip to the Capitol Building, you’ll be introduced to a wide array of history fun facts and information about events that took place here in the past.

As you move onto one of the town’s prized possessions, the University of Nebraska. Residents in Lincoln LOVE the University of Nebraska. The love is so fond, you will randomly hear “Go Big Red!” throughout the city. Football and basketball are the two biggest attractions for the fans of the university, but the overall dedication to the university goes much further than the sports world.

Another fan favorite in Lincoln, the food. The city has a wide variety of foods, and make no mistake, they’re all delicious and well-worth a try. Some of the local favorites are:
  • Dempsey’s Burgers
  • Thai at Blue Orchid
  • Steak at Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill
There are plenty of other restaurants to take advantage of, but we strongly recommend placing these at the top of your list. Contact Cruise America today to book your RV rental and get the wheels rolling through Nebraska.