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North Platte

Established in 1868 when the Union Pacific Railroad was extended, an RV rental in North Platte, Nebraska is a great way to dive head first into the culture of Nebraska and experience the incredible weather. If you’re looking for a change of scenery from everyday life, look no further. North Platte is the place to be.

Year-round, North Platte’s temperatures average between 25°-75°. In other words, there are no absolute extrema, so you don’t have to worry about crazy amounts of snow or thick amounts of humidity. Park your Cruise America motorhome in one of the open spots along the plains, park for the night, and enjoy the stars above in the open Nebraska skies.

North Platte is not a big town, so you won’t be seeing tons of highrise buildings or big business districts. Instead, you will find a large amount of open land with corn fields and farmers hence the reason the University of Nebraska teams are called the Cornhuskers.

The city of North Platte, Nebraska is also home to the world’s largest rail yard, Bailey Yard. Serving the Union Pacific Railway, the yard is visible by a tower and visitor center that overlooks the and engine facilities. This is certainly a site to see, as you may not have too many chances to visit the world’s largest rail yard.

After you’ve spent some time in North Platte, you may consider heading into some of the neighboring cities. North Platte is only 3 hours away from the state capital city, Lincoln. When driving an RV, this trip can be quite a fun one. Along the way you can stop and check out all of the smaller cities in between, but the city of Lincoln is one you’ll definitely want to see.

Contact us today to book your RV rental and get the wheels rolling in Nebraska. The scenery, culture, and peaceful nature is simply hard to beat.