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Located in the western part of the state, an RV rental in Scottsbluff is a great way to visit the Great Plains region of the United States. There are tons of sites to see and activities to dive into while in Scottsbluff, so buckle up because you’re about to go on a wild ride through the west!

First up, the Great Plains. With the Great Plains comes extensive cattle ranching and dry farming. Although this may sound a bit underwhelming, the views of the plains are unlike any other. In most western towns, you’ll find vast mountain ranges, but Nebraska is able to give you both the mountains and the fields all in one. If you’re a fan of scenery, these views are definitely worth exploring.

When it comes to attractions in Scottsbluff, there are several options. The most popular of these are the Riverside Discovery Center, Chimney Rock, and Agate Fossil Beds National Monument. The Riverside Discovery Center is able to combine education with a zoo, a children’s museum and a natural history museum.

The Agate Fossil Bed National Monument is 3,000-acres worth of land and contains a preserved prairie and several beds full of 19.2-million-year-old fossils. In addition to that, there are Indian artifacts that call this monument home. So not only will you be able to see these incredible fossils, but you’ll also be able to take a glimpse at some of the items left behind from Native American visitors who used the area as a safe haven.

Last but not least, Chimney Rock. This landmark is 300 feet tall and is available for tours. Plsu, there are family-friendly activities that await the kids! Contact us today to book your RV rental in Scottsbluff and see what Nebraska is all about.