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Jersey Shore

A famous television show, beautiful beaches, and a popular vacation spot, an RV rental in Jersey Shore is a trip you won’t want to miss. Being within driving distance of some of the coolest cities in the U.S. is hard to beat, especially while starting the trip along the coastline and letting the wheels roll whichever direction you want them too.

Jersey Shore is not like most cities in the northeast corner of the United States. This town has a much more relaxed environment and tends to attract a wide variety of visitors. With around 140 miles of oceanfront property, the Jersey Shore is a great way to escape the hectic vibe of a major city and get some R&R.

Along the beaches are tons of boardwalks, amusement parks, water parks, and more. In fact, the area is such a nice escape, residents from New York and Pennsylvania love making their way to the Jersey Shore for vacation. Yet, the best way to do so is with a Cruise America motorhome. Spend a day or two at the Jersey Shore and then make your way into some of the bigger cities. The city that never sleeps, New York, is only about a 90 minute drive away. There’s no better way to vacation than being able to be at the beach and hit the streets of New York City in the same day.

The options are endless when you book an RV rental in Jersey Shore. Stay in town, head out to see the incredible neighboring cities, or pick up the motorhome in New Jersey and pick a spot on the map. There’s no specific path. With Cruise America, the choice is yours. Contact us today to book your RV rental in New Jersey!