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Are you a fan of camping? How about camping under the stars in a bowl of beautiful mountains? Well then, an RV rental in Boone, North Carolina is a trip you will want to add to your list. With so many amazing sites to see, an RV rental is the most efficient way to travel through this beautiful state, and there’s no better place to start than Boone.

To begin with, the Blue Ridge Mountains are some of the most popular mountain ranges in America.The parks around the mountains are open year round, but can be closed because of snow. Yet, when you see these mountains with beautiful white snow caps, you’re bound to be blown away. In fact, if you’re a fan of the cold, you may want to plan on visiting Boone in the winter months to enjoy the cooler weather and snow filled scenery. If the warmer months are more your speed, you’ll find that you can drive your motorhome up to certain points on the mountains and camp overnight. Is there really any better site than waking up to overlook the Blue Ridge Mountains? Residents of Boone will tell you, there is not.

Aside from enjoying the views, there are plenty of other activities to plan for. Skiing, hiking, museums, farmer’s markets, and much, much more. Boone is a city that seems like it is far away from everything and everyone because of the simple, quaint life the residents live. In addition, Boone is less than 2 hours away from Charlotte and Greensboro, two major cities in North Carolina. Therefore, making it easy to jump in your RV rental and drive to either city, or anywhere your heart desires!

If you’re ready for an adventure, an RV rental in Boone, North Carolina is certainly up your alley. Start planning your trip today and we’ll make sure you have a motorhome will make your trip one to remember.