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Just under an hour drive from Cleveland, an RV rental in Akron, Ohio is a fun way to start your journey throughout Cleveland. That said, there are also plenty of fun things to see and do in Akron, so don’t plan on leaving just yet! We’re about to break down what you’ll need to check off of your list before heading into Cleveland, or some of the other major cities.

For starters, Akron is known for being green. In fact, the city has been designated by the National Arbor Day Foundation, as a “Tree City” over 17 times. This just goes to show that Akron is a city that cares about a healthier community. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to check out the Akron Zoo.

The Akron Zoo features tons of wildlife, but their most prominent animal is the grizzly bear. The zoo has created an area for these bears that is extremely realistic with tons of trees and pools that resemble bodies of water. It may sound silly, but it is definitely a site you will want to visit.

Let’s also not forget about the Akron Civic Theatre. This is one of five atmospheric theatres left in the country, where you can enjoy the star-lit sky and clouds, all while sitting inside of the theatre. This provides a view you will find hard to beat as you spend more time in Ohio.

Now, after you feel as if you’ve had the chance to spend enough time in Akron, you can drive on over to Cleveland, Brunswick, Cincinnati and more. The options are endless! Jump into your Cruise America RV rental and kick-off the vacation of a lifetime today!