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Home to several professional sports teams, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and several other wonderful amenities, an RV rental in Cleveland is well-worth your time. There is a lot of cold weather, rock and roll, foot traffic, sports and fashion, so be ready to wear several hats while spending some time in Cleveland.

As you will quickly come to find out, Cleveland is extremely supportive of its sports teams. The Browns, Cavaliers and Indians are their top 3 teams, and for good reason. The venues they play in are incredible, the teams are passionate about their fan base, and championships are a thing of the past, present and future. If you’re in the mood for a sporting event, Cleveland will provide you with more than enough entertainment.

Now, if you’re life does not revolve around sports, it’s no big deal. There are plenty of other things to do in “The City.” Fashion shows are another prevalent piece of the culture. Odds are you’ll see quite a few people that are better dressed than you are. Coming to Cleveland during Fashion Week will probably surprise you. This show is considered the best fashion show in the Midwest.

With so many different things to do in Cleveland, the best way to learn about them is to visit the city. And there’s no better way to do so than in a Cruise America motorhome. Plus, you still have the option of seeing some of the other major cities in Ohio, but you’re driving your hotel, how convenient? Feel free to visit Brunswick, Cincinnati, Columbus, or even take a trip outside of the state. The choice is yours!