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If you’re ready to meet a city full of friendly people, grab an ice cold beer, and travel to come of the best cities in Ohio, in no time at all. Located close to a few different major cities, Toledo is the perfect spot to kick-off a fun-filled vacation. Buckle up, the RV is about to be rolling and you’re going to want to be on it!

As we dive in, one thing you’ll want to remember is that Shorty’s has “The Smokiest, Juiciest BBQ.” This may sound silly, but when you’re craving some delicious barbecue, you’ll be thanking us for instilling this memory into your head. Yet, let’s not forget that there are also quite a few cultural festivals that bring in a variety of different tastes. So, if BBQ isn’t your style, you’ll have plenty of other options to choose from when you’re attending one of the cultural festivals.

In addition to the cultural festivals, Toledo is home to The Huntington Center and the Toledo Zoo. The Huntington Center is a 100 million dollar venue that hosts shows, concerts, and sports. If you’re looking to check out one of the nicest arenas in Ohio, this is a fantastic option. Plus, you’ll have the zoo! The Toledo Zoo is a wonderful place to bring the whole family and visit some interesting creatures.

Now, by no means are you required to spend your entire trip in Toledo. In fact, we recommend that you make your way into some of the neighboring cities. Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, and many more are within a day’s drive away. If you’re ready to make the most out of a road trip, book an RV rental in Toledo.