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If you’ve ever researched Pennsylvania, odds are you came across its 4th largest city, Erie. With vast heritage, a giant lake, and access to other major cities across the state, an RV rental in Erie is a wonderful way to explore Pennsylvania for the first time. Well, it’s actually a great way to adventure around the city an endless number of times, so let’s not put a number on it.

Digging into the history of Erie, Pennsylvania, makes for an interesting lesson. The city is named for its massive lake, as well as the Native American’s who lived there until the mid-17th century. Over the years, it has quickly grown to the 4th largest city in Pennsylvania. In time, Erie became known for its manufacturing sector. That said, as time went on the city gained more steam in healthcare, higher education, and technology.

Now, although history is a big part of Erie, let’s get into more of the attractions to see. Voted by residents and visitors, the top attractions in town are:
  • Erie Zoo
  • Erie Maritime Museum
  • Bicentennial Tower
  • Presque Isle State Park
While there are endless amounts of things to do in Erie, these four have been deemed some of the most popular attractions for years. The zoo has over 400 exotic animals, the museum is filled wall-to-wall with artifacts and history about the city, Bicentennial tower offers incredible views of Lake Erie and downtown Erie, and Presque Isle State Park is a beautiful park located on a sandy peninsula 4 miles west of Erie. In other words, you’ll be hard pressed to find another city that offers the same views and history as Erie.

There’s no better time to get into your RV rental in Erie and start exploring! We don’t want to give away to many of the town’s best kept secrets, so you’ll have to see them for yourself. Dive into the beauty and book your RV rental in Pennsylvania today