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Have you ever seen the hit TV show, The Office? At the very least, you’ve probably heard of it by now. If you’re curious about the town in which they filmed the show, an RV rental in Scranton, Pennsylvania is your golden ticket. Famously known as the hometown for the taping of one of the most popular shows in the U.S., visiting Scranton has quickly become a bucket list item for several fans of the show. Now, The Office is not all that Scranton is known for, but we’ll dig into that.

Known as the Electric City, Scranton was the first city in the U.S. to produce an electric operated trolley system. Although this became a fad around the country in no time, the nickname stuck around, to this day. Additionally, there Scranton’s welcome sign is actually a scavenger hunt. Upon arrival, you won’t be able to locate the sign on the side of the road, in fact, you will actually have to go on a real scavenger hunt in order to find it. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but feel free to ask residents around town where you can find the sign.

Aside from historic and adventurous side of the town, Scranton is also known for its St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the New York Yankees AAA affiliate team, and epic winters make for a town you won’t want to just pass through. Plan on staying for a few days and checking out everything the city has to offer. You may not be in the major city, like Pittsburgh, but you will be close enough to drive there in your Cruise America motorhome after exploring Scranton. Book your RV rental in Scranton today!