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why rent an rv in Allentown Pennsylvania?

Allentown RV rentals from Cruise America offer a great advantage to traveling in and around this unique town. The nearby Cruise America rental center is actually located in Ottsville, PA, which is a hop, skip and a jump away (23 miles) from Allentown. Allentown is the third largest city in Pennsylvania, so there are a lot of things to do and see while enjoying the freedom of traveling in a rental motorhome from Cruise America.

Developed by German Settlers, Allentown was actually incorporated as Northamptontown. It wasn`t until later that the town was renamed after Colonial Supreme Court Justice William Allen.

This Pennsylvania community thrives on being different than other towns. They boast a high degree of diversity and encourage visitors to come and enjoy it. Allentown is referred to in many circles as Pennsylvania`s Park Place, due to its network of ideal parks. Within the parks of Allentown you will find the things you most adore about the serene environment of a perfect park, such as fountains, playgrounds, hiking, etc. The town is also rich with history museums. However, if you want to escape the boundaries of the city and venture out a bit in your rental RV from Cruise America, here are a few ideas:

Not far from Allentown (about 15 miles) is Easton. This is where the factory that makes Crayola crayons is located. It is a fun, interactive experience for the whole family to enjoy. You will be able to see, and experiment with, all of the products that Crayola has to offer. There is a special show that demonstrates how crayons are made. You even get a special "goodie bag" to take home as a souvenir. It`s not only fun, but educational for the whole family.

Kutztown, PA is about a 32-minute drive up I-46 from Allentown (located midway between Allentown and Reading). There you will find one of the state`s greatest natural wonders, Crystal Cave Park. This underground wonderland was discovered in 1871 and has been capturing the attention of tourists ever since. You can take a guided underground tour, as well as watch a movie presentation about caves, visit the rock shop, pan for gemstones and hike on the nature trail. In the cave you will see milky white stalactites, stalagmites, as well as pillar and dropstone formations. Some of the formations have been given nicknames, such as Cathedral Chamber, The Prairie Dogs, The Giant`s Tooth, the Ear of Corn and the Natural Bridge. It is a safe descent that takes you 125 feet underground.

Bushkill Falls , otherwise known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania, is a chain of eight cascading waterfalls located deep in the Pocono Mountains. It is among the most visited and favored attractions in the Keystone State. You can get there by parking your Cruise America rental motorhome and hiking a network of well-established trails and bridges. All the time you are hiking, you are rewarded with spectacular views of the falls and the forest.

RV travel is the most convenient and comfortable form of transportation available. It allows great bonding time for the family, not just at the destination, but while you travel. It is easy to rent a motorhome from Cruise America. Visit the Allentown (Ottsville) Cruise America location and see for yourself how much fun traveling Pennsylvania in an RV can be.

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