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why rent an rv in Bozeman Montana?

Bozeman, Montana is the jewel of the Big Sky Country, and an RV from Cruise America`s Bozeman RV Rentals is just the ticket for a fifty-yard-line view of the state.

Bozeman has activities for every season. The skiing enthusiasts have the peaks at Bridger Bowl Ski Area, as well as the nearby Big Sky Ski Resort (just an hour south of Bozeman). The Springtime brings on the raised waters and adventurous rafting on the Gallatin River. In the summer, you can dawn your backpack and hike the Gallatin Divide. Yellowstone Park comes to life in the fall with the autumn leaves manifesting their true colors, and the wildlife emerging to find a mate. There are grand cultural events such as the annual MSU American Indian Council Pow Wow, held each March at Montana State University. Along with all the things to see and do in this wonderful city, Bozeman also makes a great starting point for several scenic and exciting day trips.

Here is a sample itinerary that would make a great adventure in your Cruise America rental RV, and provide an opportunity to see some of the beauty that the Big Sky Country has to offer:

Madison Valley – This 240-mile day trip is a circuitous route with spectacular views of majestic mountains and lush valleys. You will encounter several quaint, small towns to explore. Here is how to proceed on an RV adventure that will be the trip of a lifetime.

Start by heading west from Bozeman down Highway 84 to Norris (38 miles). This is an old mining town that is now known for its beautiful hot springs.

From Norris, head 16 miles to Ennis, by turning south on Highway 287. You will see the signs to guide you to the town. Ennis takes pride in calling itself the "Fly-fishing Capital of the World."

Next, head your Cruise America rental motorhome 43 miles south from Ennis to Quake Lake. This unique body of water was formed by an earthquake in 1959. It reaches depths of up to 180 feet.

You can then head east 12 miles down Highway 287 to Hebgen Lake, which is well known for the 1959 7.5 magnitude Hebgen Lake Earthquake. So powerful was the quake, that it formed the previously-mentioned “Quake Lake” immediately downstream from Hebgen Lake. Aside from being Montana’s premier fly fishing lake, Hebgen also offers hiking, camping and boating. There are a number of campgrounds in the area, including Rainbow Point and Cherry Creek, so if you choose to stay the night there, you’re good-to-go!

From Hebgen Lake, continue 31 miles on Highway 287 to Highway 191 junction and head south to West Yellowstone. This small town is bustling with activity and is one of the main entrances to Yellowstone National Park; our nation`s first national park. There you can visit some of the world`s most famous features, such as Old Faithful Geyser, The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Geyser Basin and much more. This is a great opportunity to view many forms of wildlife in their natural setting as well. Should you choose to make this more than a day trip, this is a great place to park your rental RV and enjoy the show, courtesy of Mother Nature. The park is open year round, but during the winter some of the roads may be closed, so check with the park officials to plan out your route through the area.

Once you have explored Yellowstone, you can head north on Highway 191 for 48 miles to Big Sky. From there, take Highway 64 to one of Montana`s premiere ski destinations, Big Sky Resort. This is a 5,800-acre ski resort (with a vertical drop of 4,350 ft.), which is known as the largest ski resort in the United States. The resort is primarily known for its wintertime activities, including skiing, snowboarding, zip-lining and snowshoeing. However, if you’re there in the summer, you won’t be disappointed. You can enjoy zip-lining, hiking, tennis, archery, paintball and mountain biking, along with nearby horseback riding and golf at the Meadow Village between the ski area and US-191.

From Big Sky Resort, drive back down Highway 64 to Highway 191 north. It is an extremely scenic view as you travel through Gallatin Canyon and along the Gallatin River until you reach Four Corners, which is 30 miles down the road. Make a right turn onto Huffine Lane and continue east for six miles and you will find yourself back in Bozeman.

Now, congratulations on successfully making memories that will last a lifetime!

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