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RV Rental in Missoula Montana

Sport Land Inc. (D482)
12787 US Highway 93 S
P.O. Box 1538
Lolo, Montana, 59847
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why rent an rv in Missoula Montana?

If you take advantage of Cruise America's Missoula RV rentals, you will have a great time in lots of great places. Visit the world renowned Carousel for Missoula. This is a legitimate, hand-carved old-fashioned carousel. It's the first one to be built in the nation since the Great Depression. Thanks to over a 100,000 volunteer man-hours, and an entire community at work, the carousel was completed in 1995 and has been a love of the town ever since. Next to the Carousel for Missoula you will find the Dragon Hollow. It has been described as a magical play land that was developed in conjunction with the carousel. The playground will please any child who lays eyes upon it. There are also museums, parks and theaters galore to visit while in Missoula.

If you want to get your RV rolling down the road, there are a number of interesting places to visit near Missoula. You could head to Lolo Hot Springs for a dip in the naturally heated water. You will find a large indoor hot springs swimming pool, as well as indoor and outdoor hot pools for soaking. There are also hundreds of miles of hiking, as well as horseback riding and snowmobiling. To get there, take US-12 W and in a short 40 minutes you'll arrive. There are a number of beautiful RV parks in the area.

Just an hour out of Missoula is Garnet, Montana's most intact ghost town. To get there from Missoula, take I-90 E and enjoy an hour's ride in your Cruise America RV. There, you will find a vacated town that was once a thriving gold-mining community. Garnet slipped into obscurity when the miners all left after a devastating fire in 1912. The fire, combined with the hardships of WWI and the fact that the gold was playing out anyway, were what caused the final demise of the town. Locals from nearby say that once the sun goes down, if you walk down the streets and listen closely, you'll hear the sounds of music coming from what was once Kelly's Saloon, as well as from the former town dance hall. If the ghosts don't capture your interest, there is plenty of camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, mountain biking and snowmobiling for your pleasure.

For an edge-of-your-seat adventure for the outdoor enthusiasts, you can raft the famous Alberton Gorge, Montana's premier whitewater experience. This is a beautiful section of the Clark Fork that is lined with steep canyon walls on both sides. It's a wonderful trip for experienced rafters, as well as beginners. There's plenty of "splash" involved, and great swimming during the trip. Your RV will have to wait for you in the parking lot, but it will be a welcome sight once you are out of the water. To get to the launch point of the trip, take I-90 just 30 minutes west of Missoula to the Cyr Bridge Fishing Access on the Clark Fork River.

Montana offers a great deal of countryside to explore. You cannot find a better way to experience the Big Sky Country than from the comfort of your Cruise America rental RV.

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