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why rent an rv in Phoenix Arizona?

Every state in the nation has its special charm. No matter where you travel, you will find intriguing landmarks and beautiful countryside. The western state of Arizona is certainly no exception. The natural attractions are abundant, and you can find several different climates within the boundaries of the state. This makes it an ideal place to take your Cruise America RV and hit the road. As a matter of fact, some of the best RV road trips can be found in the Grand Canyon State, and if you want a great place to start, Cruise America now has a rental location in Goodyear, Arizona!

Goodyear, a part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, is located on the western side of the Valley of the Sun. Next time you get the bug to travel, consider making Goodyear your starting point as you head out to visit some of these recommended Arizona destinations.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument: There are several areas in the United States where there are protected preserved ruins of the dwellings of our ancient native American population. Canyon de Chelly happens to be one of those areas. These sacred ancient grounds were officially designated in 1931 to be protected by the National Park Service. The monument includes fascinating dwellings built into rock cliffs in a rugged and picturesque canyon. There are also a great number of scenic drives and hiking trails.

Chiricahua National Park: Not only does this park offer miles of endless rock formations, it also offers hiking trails that allow visitors to get up close and personal to the towerting stone formations. For those who want to bring Fido along, there is good news; the park is pet friendly, so long as they stay on a leash. The 8-mile drive meanders through all kinds of breathtaking scenes, and overlooks the incredible Massai Point. At the visitors center you can watch a short movie that explains all about the park and the area`s history. The park is in the Chiricahua Mountains, less than 40 miles off Interstate 10.

Meteor Crater: This giant crater that was formed by the enormous impact of a falling meteor that crashed into the earth’s surface centuries ago. It’s called the Barringer Crater. The rim of this massive crater measures approximately 4000 feet across, and plunges to a depth of 570 feet. It’s a reminder of the powerful forces of nature, and the always-looming dangers of the universe in which we live. Visitors will find this incredible site near Winslow, Arizona, approximately 35 miles east of Flagstaff. There’s even RV parking on-site should you desire to stay overnight, but be sure to make your reservations ahead of time.

The Grand Canyon: Of all the destination spots in the world, this is probably one of the most majestic and beautiful places you may ever lay eyes on. RVers come from all over the country to look upon one of the most spectacular sights in the world. This enormous gash in the earth has been forming over several thousands of years by the eroding waters of the Colorado River. There are all kinds of lookout points and trails that you and your family can enjoy on both the north and south ends of the canyon. The north side is in Utah and the south side is in Arizona. Travelers that feel like they are in great physical condition can hike down to the canyon floor, where they will find accommodations to stay in as they prepare to hike back up to the rim. There are several scenic drives and panoramic lookouts that allow you to enjoy this monolithic natural wonder. As far as Mother Nature goes, it’s one of her best works. Oh, and there are plenty of RV parks in the area, some of which are right in the park.

So, come rent an RV in Goodyear, Arizona and start your western adventure! There are pine trees and mountains to the north, and deserts to the south, and all kinds of interesting experiences in-between.

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