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RV Rental in Rapid City South Dakota

Badlands Motorsports (D469)
1115 E St Patrick St
Rapid City, South Dakota, 57701
(605) 718-1515
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why rent an rv in Rapid City South Dakota?

With one of our Rapid City RV rentals, you can have it all, from adrenaline-charged outdoor activities to thoughtful cultural pursuits and all the heart-stopping scenery in between. When you stay in Rapid City, you’re within an hour’s drive of five national parks and monuments, and you're surrounded by a local culture that’s rich with history and artistic expression.

While in Rapid City, visit the Chapel in the Hills. It's a replica of the world famous Borgund Stave Church, located in Norway. It was constructed 850 years ago. The unique architecture and the beautiful carvings in the stone are a sight to behold. It combines symbols of Christianity, Norse dragonheads and pegged construction. You can visit this replica and learn more from the representatives stationed in the visitor's center and Log Cabin Museum, and it will cost you nothing! You can also visit the world's largest collection of reptiles and see buffalo herds roaming with wild mustangs and burros. There are six amusement parks to choose from, and at the dinosaur exhibits you can watch as prehistoric mammoths are unearthed. You can explore a cave or venture into an underground gold mine.

If you wish to venture out from the city, there is a multitude of things to see. Obviously, one of the most visited attractions in the state is the majestic Mount Rushmore. This site attracts millions of visitors annually from around the world. The project started in 1927, and the last of the presidents' faces, carved by Gutzon Borglum, was completed somewhere between 1934 and 1939. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located just 25 miles southwest of Rapid City. Carved into the massive mountainside are the heads of U.S. Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

Located just 28 miles southwest of Rapid City is Custer State Park. This 71,000-acre park is a virtual family paradise, and a great place to take your Cruise America rental RV. Here you will find an abundance of wildlife. Amongst the creatures you're likely to spot are bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, burros, elk, deer, and wild burros. You may also come across one of the nation's largest free-roaming buffalo herds. They are so numerous that they may slow you down while they cross the road. Also in the park you will find what served as President Calvin Cooley's Summer White House. You will also find some great RV camping in the area. If you're there in the summer, don't miss the performances at the Black Hills Playhouse, which is surrounded by the beauty of nature. To get there, take U.S. Hwy 16A and SD Hwys 79 and 36. It's a quick 28-mile trip.

If you take I-90 or Hwy 44 for 50 miles east of Rapid City, you will find the Badlands National Park. This 37 million year-old park is one of the richest Oligocene epoch fossil beds in the world. This moonlike landscape was discovered by the Lakota. They named it "Mako Sica," roughly translated to "Bad Land." There are jagged spires, eroded hills and crevasses that jut deep into the earth. Combined, these features offer a very unique vision. You can explore it on foot, in a car, on horseback or in your Cruise America RV. There are two campgrounds onsite. One (the Cedar Pass) is quite civilized with all the amenities, and the other (the Sage Creek) is more for those who like to "rough it."

Wherever your travels take you in the Mount Rushmore State, you will be pleased with the wide array of things to see and do. In this land where gemstones and natural wonders have been forming for eons, even the smallest roadside stand holds the promise of a big discovery.

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