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why rent an rv in St. Paul Minnesota?

The capital city of Minnesota is St. Paul. It's the second-most populous city in the state, second only to its twin city, Minneapolis, which is just a tad larger. St. Paul RV rentals are readily available in the area. This is because Cruise America has a rental center right in nearby Hastings, just a 20-minute jaunt away.

There are several ways to see the state of Minnesota, but none are as comfortable and stress-free as to explore the North Star State in a rental RV from Cruise America. Overlooking the Mississippi River, the city of St. Paul has been described as a city with the energy and sophistication of Chicago or Dallas, but with the streets tidied up and a vibrant, animated energy added. It is the less crowded and more laid-back city than its older brother, Minneapolis.

Head downtown and explore the museums and tour remarkable historic sites, or you can savor cocktails in the mysterious underground caves; the ones that kept the whiskey flowing during the prohibition in St. Paul. The history of St. Paul has offered colorful legends, intriguing sites and life-changing historical events throughout time, including the activities of some of the most notorious gangsters of the day. The St. Paul area features 104 landmarks that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There will most likely be Broadway shows, stage performances, concerts and art exhibits going on while you're in town. Known as the arts and cultural capital of the Midwest, the town of St. Paul boasts more than 52,000 theatre seats. In addition, there are legendary historic sites and three world-class museums. You can't help but enjoy them while you're in town.

If you want to scoot out of town for a daytrip, there are several options that would be worth your while. As an example:

Just a short, one-hour trip from downtown to the southeast is the port of Redwing, gently curled like an elbow around the bend of the Mississippi. This town has been described by explorer Jonathan Carver as "the most beautiful prospect that imagination can form." The town is known for its antiques, pottery and stoneware. There is also a host of beautiful Victorian homes, built when the town was the nation's busiest grain-shipping center. The trip is a short 52 minutes long. You get there by taking US-10 E and WI-35 S.

If bicycling happens to be your thing, then don't miss the trip to Menomonie, where you will find one of the best maintained crushed limestone bike trails in Minnesota, not to mention one of the most scenic in existence. The trail is 14.5 miles long, and it would be difficult to ride the whole thing without seeing wild turkey, herons, hawks and eagles. The trail ends in the Dunnville Wildlife Area (so apropos)! And while you are in the area, you might as well take some extra time and visit three more attractions that lie along the Wisconsin 25. First is the Eau Galle Cheese Factory, which is located just a mile and a half north of Durand. There is also the Caddie Woodlawn Home and Park, the reference place of the well-known children's book of the same name. To start the beautiful scenic trip, drive through Menomonie on Wisconsin 25 then turn west on Wisconsin 29. The trail starts on the west side of the river.

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