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why rent an rv in Tucson Arizona?

The sweet heat of Southern Arizona is sure to be an exciting adventure when you`re in one of our Tucson RV rentals from Cruise America. With so many things to discover, you are sure to fill your agenda with non-stop fun for the entire family. Filled with natural wonders, rolling deserts and breath-taking sunsets, Southern Arizona could appropriately called a "scenic seeker`s" heaven; but DON’T be fooled … this exquisite area is also packed with thrilling nightlife, luxurious spas and rugged adventure!

Begin your tour of the area by dipping your toes into the glistening waters of one of Tucson’s natural hot springs! The emergence of geothermally heated ground water offers relaxation and rejuvenation beyond compare. Once you cool down you can grab your prickly-pear cactus margarita and “hit the holes” for a few rounds of golf on one of Tucson’s many world famous golf courses. Maybe golf is not your game? That’s ok, there`s plenty more to do than just golf! Tucson is one of Arizona’s gems, and the opportunities to explore and discover are limitless.

Visitors can see the very best view of this stunning area by heading up the 25-mile stretch of the Catalina Highway. All along the way you will find hiking, biking, and even skiing during the winter. This breathtaking drive will eventually lead you to the majestic town of Summerhaven, where you will find various shops, eateries and practically all that man and nature have to offer. For a great daytrip out of Tucson, just follow I-10 E/Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway to AZ-90 S, EXIT 302, and head straight to your next stop in Sierra Vista! Enjoy hiking or horseback riding on the trails along the San Pedro River and the alpine trails in the Coronado National Forest. You can always take a break and enjoy some shopping, because when it comes to shopping in Cochise County, Sierra Vista is the way to go.

Finally, head just 18 miles southeast and park your motorhome in one of the many accessible and accommodating RV parks in Tombstone, Arizona! Indulge in the rich history of the American old west by visiting East Allen Street where you will find gift shops, restaurants and old-time saloons. You may choose to take a peak at the historic OK Corral and even watch a reenactment of a Wyatt Earp style gun show!

With 350+ sunny days a year, Tucson is sure to be one of your favorite stops on your RV adventure! From the historic gun-slinging town of Tombstone to the beautiful Saguaro National Forest, Southern Arizona has plenty of attractions and diversions for the fun-loving traveler. Lakes, caverns, parks and more can all be part of your journey with a Cruise America RV rental - and at affordable rates, too. Book your Arizona RV rental vacation today!

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