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The King of country music didn’t write a song about this city on a whim. An RV rental in Amarillo will show you exactly what old school Texas was like. There’s no doubt that Amarillo is cowboy country with excellent BBQ and no shortage of rodeos.

Located in the northern part of Texas, Amarillo seems to get the wrap of being “out of the way.” For the residents of this city, that is perfectly fine with them. Amarillans like their small town feel and don’t need tons of people to make it a fun town. George Strait, a Texas native and country music legend, wrote a song about Amarillo to show that this is a special place. Once again, cowboy country at its finest!

When it comes to good barbeque, it’s hard to beat Amarillo. The most popular spot in the city is Tyler’s Barbeque. With meets smoked for 16-18 hours, the crowds know right when to arrive to be sure they can get some of the award winning sandwiches and meat plates. While making your way through Amarillo, you will want to be sure you plan ahead if you’re thinking about trying Tyler’s BBQ. If not, you may not get the chance to give it a shot, due to the large crowds.

Another major hit in Amarillo are the rodeos. Whether you are a professional, or just feeling a little wild, the rodeo is waiting for you. Better yet, maybe you just want to watch other people partake in the sport, there’s nothing wrong with that. You can even get an RV rental in College Station, TX

Once you have hit all of the major stops in Amarillo, you’ll have the option of packing up your Cruise America motorhome and hitting the ground running. Beyond the borders of the Texas capital you'll also find places to indulge your passions, your palate and your spirit. Head into a neighboring state, or check out some of the other cities that make up Texas. When behind the wheel of an RV, the choice is completely yours. Contact us today to kick-off your vacation!