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Corpus Christi

With 11 beaches, two marinas, an average temperature of 70 degrees and much more, an RV rental in Corpus Christi is not what you would normally expect from a city in Texas. Located near the Gulf of Mexico, this city has a much different look, vibe, and charisma about it, as compared to some of the other major cities located throughout Texas.

For starters, not many towns in Texas can say they have some of the most beautiful beaches in America. When you think of Texas, you think of cowboy boots and vast land. Well, think again when you ponder what Corpus Christi may be like. This city is all about the water and living the life in or around it.

Some of the most popular activities to do in Corpus Christi are:
  • Scuba dive
  • Sailboating
  • Fishing
All of these are associated with the water, which only proves Corpus Christi’s love for the water and beaches. Once you feel like you’re ready to see more of the state of Texas, the door is open. Corpus Christi loves visitors from all over, but there is certainly a lot to see in the great state of Texas. Cities like Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and more are all full of tourist attractions, in addition to a slightly different vibe in every city. While Texas is fairly similar in most areas, each city offers something unique, making it fun to bounce around and see all that you can while in a Cruise America motorhome and Texas RV rentals. You can even get an RV rental in College Station, TX. Contact us today to get the wheels rolling!