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Did you know there’s an island city on the Gulf Coast of Texas? Well, there is, and now an RV rental in Galveston is the best way to see this beautiful coastal city. Galveston, Texas is known for many things, but its popularity seems to derive from its coastal location. As an island city, residents and visitors get to enjoy the beaches and get away from the overcrowded city feeling without steering too far off track.

Once you arrive in Galveston, you’ll want to head straight to Seawall Urban Park. This is one of the top attractions in the city, thanks to the miles of beaches, restaurants, resorts and other beachside attractions. Whether you want to lay out on the beach, eat with a view of the Gulf Coast, or buy souvenirs from little shops, Galveston is a neat place to visit.

Another popular spot to hit is the Pleasure Pier amusement park. With roller coasters and carousels that cruise over the Gulf of Mexico, this is a fan-favorite spot. You might not be able to drive your RV right up to the amusement park, but what’s better than jumping out of a motorhome and walking to the beach and amusement park at the same time?

As you wrap up your time in Galveston, you’ll have plenty of other cities to visit. The next step is determining how far you want to drive. Regardless, you can jump back in your Cruise America RV rental and head wherever you feel best suits your vacation. The choice is all yours!