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Only 30 miles north of Austin, an RV rental in Georgetown is a great way to explore what Northern Texas has to offer. Listen to music on the square, go swimming at the Blue Hole, enjoy craft beers, or check out the shops around town. There are endless options in Georgetown, Texas, in addition to the surrounding cities.

Upon initial arrival, the square is a nice area to head towards. Live music is typically taking place, therefore creating a relaxing environment. Sing along or kick back and enjoy the live music with your family. With Galveston’s location, a vast majority of the performers who go to Austin also perform in Galveston. It’s an easy transition for them, and the love of music from these two cities tends to bring people together, hence the reason live music on the square is such a big hit.

After the square, the Blue Hole is a nice place to cool off. Escape the heat in the waters of the Blue Hole before you head out for some tasty craft beers. There’s nothing quite like cooling off in the chilly waters of the Blue Hole, followed by a cold beer or beverage in town. With several breweries calling Georgetown home, visitors have the opportunity to check out the different types of beers that are available throughout the city, without having to travel very far.

Now that you have seen a few of the neat sights that Georgetown has to offer, you might find that visiting some other Texas cities, or another state (or two) is a fun option while renting a Cruise America RV. As mentioned before, Austin is about 30 miles south, meaning you can end up in one of the most popular cities in the US in no time at all. In addition to Austin, there’s San Antonio, Dallas, an RV rental in Houston and many more. Contact us today to get the wheels rolling!