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Grand Prairie

A city on a prairie; does it get much better than that? An RV rental in Grand Prairie is a great way to find out. Grand Prairie, Texas is a beautiful city full of wildflowers, families and events. If you’re ready to check out one of the coolest suburbs in Texas, Grand Prairie is a nice start.

Although directly on the outside of Dall and Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Texas is not nearly as big as these other cities. With around 175,000 residents, Grand Prairie is an average-sized Texas town that seems to be a perfect fit for the larger cities that it sits near. For example, you don’t have to be stuck in the large cities the whole time, you can sneak away to Grand Prairie and enjoy some time away from the crowded streets.

While in Grand Prairie, you’ll want to be sure you check out the following activities:
  • The Veterans Vintage Air Show
  • The beach
  • QuickTrip Park - home of the Grand Prairie AirHogs baseball team
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not
There are several other neat things to see and do in Grand Prairie, but these are some of the most popular events to see and places to go. Therefore, be sure to plan your trip around the time of the year that best suits the events you want to see and partake in.

Once you’ve taken in the full experience of Grand Prairie, Texas, it may be time to slide down to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are an endless number of sites to see, making it one of the most entertaining cities in Texas. Pack up your bags today, call Cruise America and get the wheels rolling! We’re always here to help you plan your Texas vacation.