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The Pacific Northwest is a part of the country that everyone should plan on visiting. To that end, there is no better way to do so than with an RV rental in Seattle. The city of Seattle is widely known for its rainy days, but better yet the amazing food, good sports, and incredible scenery. With so many beautiful small towns located near Seattle, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to see what this part of the United States is all about.

Before visiting, there are some important things to know about Seattle:
  • It rains...a lot
  • Summers can be quite cool
  • There are lots of walking trails
  • Coffee shops are on every corner
  • Pikes Place and the Space Needle are must-see spots
While there is much more to know about this city, these are some of the most important items to note. You definitely want to be prepared before visiting, but once you’re there, you’re destined to have a great time.

While it does rain often, not much closes because of the rain. It’s common to see the people of Seattle carrying on with their day, simply ignoring the rain (for the most part). If you’re one of those people that needs constant sunshine, this town is not going to be your cup of tea, or coffee, for that matter.

The people of Seattle are also quite active. There are tons of walking, hiking, and biking trails that can be easily accessed, meaning you can basically drive your RV right up to the trail, jump out to explore the trail, and get back to your vehicle without any issues. The people of Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest in general, often refer to nature as “neature.”

Now, let’s talk about some of the biggest attractions you do NOT want to miss while visiting Seattle. The Space Needle and Pikes Place are both incredible and well-worth a visit. The Space Needle stands 518 feet tall and is known as an observation tower. This iconic tower was built in 1962 and offers some of the absolute best views of the city. You will be hard-pressed to find another location with similar views. From there Pikes Place Market is one of the most entertaining areas in the city. The market consists of several shops, meat markets, and other small stores that are housed within the strip of the market. On an annual basis, more than 10 million people make their way through the market. In other words, be sure to add this to your list!

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