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Known as an agricultural hub between Seattle and Vancouver, an RV rental in Skagit is a great way to see beautiful farmland of Washington. In addition to farmland, there are gorgeous state parks, stunning ocean views, and tons of tulips.

Once you get the wheels rolling in Washington State, Skagit is an area you’ll want to spend some time in. The views are hard to beat, from every angle. Whether you’re prancing around in the fields of colorful tulips, hiking through Little Mountain Park, or taking in the views of Deception Pass State Park, you’re bound to lose yourself in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. You can even get an RV rental in Seattle, WA. 

Downtown Mount Vernon is another special spot associated with Skagit. This area has various shops, restaurants, art galleries, etc. Visitors and residents quickly find themselves pondering around the area and getting lost in the moment. If you’re ready to go on an agricultural adventure mixed with a small town feel, then Skagit is the right place to be. Kick off your vacation in Washington with a Cruise America motorhome in Skagit. Contact us today to book your RV.