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Rent a Camper America, and Join the Fun

Rent a camper America. Each year the number of people that rent an RV from Cruise America increases drastically. That is because once you rent a camper, America, you will be hooked. Renting over purchasing an RV can be very advantageous for these reasons:

When you rent an RV:

  • You aren’t stuck with it – You can rent a different size the next time if you feel like you need more or less space. Once you have decided exactly what size suits you best, then you may consider buying an RV. However, as economical as it is, you can just rent one each time you need it, and vary your rental size as needed.
  • No maintenance costs and insurance fees to keep up with – By renting a motorhome, you can eliminate the responsibilities that come with RV ownership. All of the maintenance is done for you, and you only need insurance when you are driving it. Also, you eliminate the state taxes and registration fees by renting over owning.
  • The option of renting for a round trip, or just one way – Perhaps your plans include a leisurely, sight seeing adventure on your way to a destination point (like a cruise) and a flight back to the hometown. With a Cruise America rental, you can find some amazing deals on one-way travel.
  • You’re covered mechanically – In the unlikely event of a breakdown or maintenance issues, Cruise America will assist you and get you back on the road as expeditiously as possible. It is a security blanket that feels good when you are traveling on your vacation time!

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If you’re wanting to explore the country in a camper, America, visit your local Cruise America rental center, or visit them on the web at