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Class C RV Rentals — A Great Way to Break In

Class C RV rentals have increased drastically since Cruise America started renting this size of motorhome exclusively. This "middle-of-the-road" sized recreational vehicle has increased dramatically in its popularity, and here are a few reasons why Cruise America believes this to be the case:

  • Ease of Maneuverability — Some of the behemoth sized class A motorhomes are large encumbrances on the road, and can be very intimidating to drive, whether attempting to get into a parking space, or maneuvering through heavy traffic. These huge, bulky models can really take the fun out of getting to where you are going, and then setting up when you get there. The Class C motorhome is not nearly the size of the class A, yet offers the same luxuries as the larger models. The Class C RV rental is built on a pick up or van sized chassis, allowing easy maneuvering through all conditions. It's more like driving a family van or truck then driving a motorhome.

  • Gas Efficiency — In this economy, the price of fuel is a determining factor when planning a cross-country trip. While it is usually much more economical to travel via motorhome, the size of the RV you will be driving plays a huge factor in the efficiency you will enjoy. The class C RV is structurally built to maintain an aerodynamic integrity that boosts gas mileage. Another factor is that the class C Motorhomes weigh so much less than their larger cousins, the class As.

  • Safety Factors — Class C RV rentals are safer while on the highway due to a few different factors. Because of their lower profile, the wind factor is lessened considerably, meaning that you aren't as likely to be blown off the road in high winds as you may while in a class A. Another safety advantage to the class C RV is that the cockpit construction has an all steel cage protecting the frontal crush area, providing extra protection to the driver and passenger in the event of a rollover accident. A third safety advantage of driving the class C motorhome is visibility. Because of the simple construction of the class C, it is easier to maintain a vigilant watch on what is going on in front and around your coach as you travel down the road. This makes for easier, safer lane changes and obstruction avoidance.

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Cruise America is the leader in the class C RV rental business, and continues to provide unparalleled service to their customers. Pass by one of their many sales or rental locations across the country, or visit them on their website at