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Cruise is the Leading RV Renter in the Nation

Cruise America is our name, but Cruise is what many refer to us as. The Internet has laid out the world at our fingertips, and knowledge is always just a click away. Many just assume that Cruise America must end with a .com, and they are actually right. We offer our entire line of motorhomes for rent and RVs for sale on our webpage at

By renting a motorhome:

  • You learn whether or not the RV lifestyle is for you
  • You can experiment and learn what size RV comfortably fits your family or traveling party
  • You save a great deal of money over conventional airline travel
  • You become independent of hotels, restaurants, car rentals and airline/airport hassles
  • You needn’t adhere to anyone’s schedule but your own
  • You discover a great way to attend sporting events and festivals

Recreational vehicles have been around for decades, but there still those who have not yet experienced traveling in one. For those who have not, Cruise America makes it so easy to give it a shot. If you are like most, you will discover a world you didn't know existed; a world of comfort and convenience in which you have your freedom to travel at your own speed.

There are RV parks all over the country with amenities that make your stay even more comfortable. However, with Cruise America RVs, you needn’t stay in a park to enjoy your camping experience. Our motorhomes are completely self-contained, and can be parked anywhere you desire (as long as it’s legal, of course).

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Compared to conventional travel, it has been proven time and time again that traveling in a motorhome is much more economical. This has been a great vacation-saver for many families who would have otherwise had to sacrifice their family trip to a bad economy. The savings realized not having to spend money on airline tickets, restaurant stops, hotels and car rentals adds up quickly.

To learn how you can become an RV renter, or owner, drop by any of our rental or sales centers, or visit us on our website to see a listing of our recreational vehicles for rent or for sale. It’s not at Cruise, it’s at