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Cruise America Reviews — A Report Card

Cruise America is so thankful for the people that take time to write a review of their RV experience. Even though there are some who have not been happy (as is the case with every business), the vast majority were very pleased with their RV rental experience and would recommend them to someone else. Here are a few of the Cruise America Reviews that were located on the Internet:

  1. "I read a lot of the reviews before I rented from these folks last Friday. My experience was completely positive. Maybe it's because this was the first time I was driving an RV much less renting one. That means I'd read the fine print, watched the videos, and downloaded their rental guide to both my laptop and iPad. Therefore, I had a good feeling what I'd be in for".

  2. "As first time RVer's I did hours of research before finally deciding on Cruise America for our 4-day adventure. The reservation process was simple and straightforward, as was pick-up and drop-off of our 25' RV. There were no surprises on our bill and the total cost was as expected".

  3. "I didn't have any problems at all. I got what I paid for. There were no tricks. The office staff was great. This was my first time renting and I went down to Yosemite. Awesome trip"!

  4. "1st time renting an RV, 1750 miles later and we had a great time. Everything went very smoothly and the staff was helpful".

In today's world of computer savvy people, it is hard to fool anyone about your business. No longer must folks write their comments or complaints by hand and send it in, they can now provide and instant report of how their experience went right over the Internet. These reviews are what people look at when they are considering renting an RV, so Cruise America realizes the importance of taking great care of each and every customer that comes through their matter where they may be!

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