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It's Not What You Spend, It's What You Save

Cruise America RV rental prices vary, depending on the time of year you travel, the size of motorhome you rent, the length of time you want it and the distance you drive. There are also "hot deals" on the website that can lead to some great savings.

When discussing the Cruise America RV rental prices, there are so many factors to take into consideration, that it's actually easier to look at what you are saving, rather than what you are spending.

No Airline Tickets: With a Cruise America RV rental, you needn't worry about purchasing expensive airline tickets. You simply decide on a destination, call Cruise America to rent an RV, point it in the right direction and head down the highway. Many times you could actually be at your destination before you make it through the security lines, boarding the crowded plane, retrieving your baggage and lining up your rental car.

No Rental Car: With a Cruise America motorhome rental, you can skip renting a car, because you're driving your accommodations. Our class C RVs are so easy to drive, that you don't need another vehicle to take you from place to place; just hop in and go! With some of the class A larger models, getting in and going isn't so easy. That is one of the reasons why you will only find class C motorhomes at Cruise America.

No Hotels: You know how difficult it can be to find a room. Especially when you're in an area with which you are unfamiliar. And if you happen to be attending a special event of some kind, you may encounter nothing but “NO VACANCY” signs, not to mention the elevated prices that the event attendees are forced to pay. And if you happen to have kids traveling with you, you most likely will need more than one room. And if you happen to be on a budget, this can be the bank breaker! Take comfort in knowing that Cruise America offers RV sizes that will accommodate from three people, up to the large size that will comfortably sleep seven. The cost of your vacation or trip is drastically reduced when you take the hotel costs out of the equation.

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No Restaurants: I should qualify this last one. When traveling in a Cruise America Motorhome, you don't have to eat in restaurants if you choose not to. Now I know that eating out is a ritual that is enjoyed by vacationers across the world. However, with the full kitchen amenities that come with each Cruise America RV, you are not forced into purchasing three meals a day for the whole family. Eating out definitely cuts deeply into the budget. Fixing your own meals from time to time is a huge money saver. Also, you have the ability to keep snacks and drinks in the refrigerator, which eliminates the need for munchie stops along the way.

These are only a few reasons why the Cruise America RV rental prices are big money savers for travelers who rent motorhomes. If you do the math, you will see that you save much more than the cost of the RV you rent. To get more information on how to expand your vacation budget by renting an RV, visit us on our website, or drop by any of our over 130 rental centers across the U.S. and Canada.