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Cruise America RV Rental Goes Above and Beyond

A Cruise America RV rental is simple for our customers, but there are a lot of things that go on "behind the scenes" that typically remain unseen. At Cruise America it is our goal to be sure that every customer has an enjoyable experience, in a high quality, dependable RV. Whenever a Cruise America rental RV comes back to the rental center, this is what we do:

  • The outside of the RV is cleaned thoroughly, top to bottom, up above and underneath.
  • The inside of the RV is completely cleaned and sanitized, so that the next renter gets a motorhome that they feel comfortable in.
  • A total maintenance inspection is conducted, and all mechanical components are checked.
  • The electrical systems are thoroughly inspected, and each function of the RV is tested to make sure it is in top working condition.
  • Any items that are in need of repair are taken care of so that the renters know that they are traveling in a motorhome in tiptop shape.

At Cruise America we place a great deal of importance on the response and the opinion of our customers. We go to great lengths to assure that each of our service representatives are well-trained, highly skilled professionals that reflect a positive image on our company. We understand that the foundation of our organization is our staff, and that our customer base is what edifies us, so we want to assure that our people can help travelers achieve the best RV experience possible.

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People from all over the globe rent our motorhomes, and they keep coming back trip after trip. That is because of a winning combination that Cruise America provides; quality motorhomes, affordable pricing and unbeatable service. We go along with the adage that the “proof is in the pudding.” Our returning customers are that proof, and that’s just how we want it to stay.

In order to become a part of a winning traveling team, come see us at any of our over 130 rental centers, or visit our website, where you will see the different models and sizes of motorhomes available to match your vacation needs. You can also find a listing of our high quality, low priced refurbished used motorhomes for sale.