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Check Rates 132 LOCATIONS ACROSS NORTH AMERICA is Your Vacation Site has become the "go to" website for travelers looking for adventure. When is typed into their computers' keyboards, prospective travelers find a world of opportunity to explore the RV lifestyle. Cruise America is the premier recreational vehicle rental and sales site in the nation. With over one hundred and thirty rental locations, and thirteen sales locations, there is always a Cruise America nearby. Here are a few advantages to visiting

  • The site is easy to navigate, offering several options for those looking to learn about the RV lifestyle

  • There are locations all over the country for your vacation planning

  • Our trained staff is willing and eager to help you choose an RV that best suits your needs

  • Cruise America is recognized nationwide as the leader in RV rentals and sales

Vacationing in an RV is an experience that all should have the opportunity to explore. The comfort and luxury is unparalleled, as you travel around the country in your "home on wheels." The cost savings are remarkable when you figure in the expenses of renting a hotel for you and your party, stopping frequently for snacks and meals and taking periodic restroom breaks. One of the biggest advantages of traveling in an RV is that you are no longer subject to the schedule of others. There are no check-in or checkout times, no planes to catch, no rental cars to pick up or drop off, no taxis to catch and no restaurants to reserve.

When you take advantage of, you travel in comfort and style. If you get tired, you simply pull into a cozy spot and relax. Whether you are visiting sites of natural beauty, or popular entertainment tourist attractions, you can be assured that there is RV parking, or RV parks available on site or nearby.

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As far as the economics of it all, the rental of an RV for your family vacation saves a great deal of money, helping you tighten up your financial budget in this tumultuous economy. When you consider not having to purchase airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and restaurant food, the savings add up. These savings more than pay for the cost of the RV rental.

So click on, and let's cruise, America.