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Cruising America, Cruising for Grownups

Cruising America is a great American pastime. Back in the day, most towns had a particular street that became the place for cruising. They would congregate with their vehicles and just driving up and down the street, showing off their wheels, or watching others show off theirs. That was called “cruising Main Street” (or whatever street happened to be allocated in your town).

As an adult, your cruising needn’t be limited to just one street, you can now spend your spare time cruising America.

All over the nation, travelers are discovering the benefits of RV travel. If you don’t own an RV, but you’d like to be a part of the most economical, yet comfortable and convenient way to travel, you can do one of the following, and start cruising America:

Purchase a Brand New Recreational Vehicle: This is certainly a viable option, however it may be just a little bit risky. If you are new to the world of RVing, you probably have no idea of what type of motorhome you would like to turn into your vacationing home. There is a wide variety of sizes and models, and the average prices range from about $75,000 for a small class B van to $150,000 for the larger class A. If you run out and buy one, and find that it is not the style that you would prefer, you are just plain out of luck!

Purchase a Used RV from a Private Party: There are thousands of motorhomes for sale in your area, no matter where it is that you live. Because there are so many people selling their recreational vehicles, you have a large variety to choose from. Once again, however, you may not know what type will fulfill your needs. Secondly, you don’t know the history of the RV that you are purchasing, nor do you know why the seller is getting rid of it. It is usually either because the owners purchased it before knowing what they wanted, the owners are having so many mechanical problems with it that they want to unload it, or because they cannot afford to keep in anymore, or take the time out to use it. This makes purchasing an RV from a source that you don’t know, quite a risky game.

Borrow an RV From a Friend or Family Member: Bad idea!

Rent an RV from Cruise America: Now here is a great way to work yourself into the world of RV travel. By renting a motorhome from Cruise America, you can get a feel for the class C coaches they rent, and experience the different sizes, depending on your needs, which may change as life situations change. Each of the Cruise America rental RVs are in tiptop condition, as they are continually being maintained and serviced. The size of the class C is highly preferred amongst RVers, because they are built on van chassis. They are plenty large, but they are not the size of a Greyhound bus. They are easily maneuvered on the highways, in traffic and in tight parking or camping spots.

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Purchase an RV from Cruise America: Once you have rented an RV, and know what kind of motorhome is right for you, and that the lifestyle is for you, then you can feel perfectly comfortable purchasing an RV from a dealer, as long as it is Cruise America. Not only will you get an amazingly discounted price, but you can be assured that it is in perfect running condition, and that it has been reconditioned so that the buyer gets a great RV. There is even a limited powertrain warranty that comes with it. They are so confident about their used motorhomes, that they offer additional extended service plans.

So start cruising America, adult style, and find out how much fun you can have cruising again!